OI Management

We specialise in building and managing Open Innovation platforms that enable and simplify the solution exchange process. These web-based platforms also serve the role of efficient connection hubs. RIIS has built OI platforms for The Innovation Hub in Gauteng and the East London Industrial Development Zone in the Eastern Cape. RIIS also built and manages Africa’s first cross border regional OI platform in partnership with the University of Namibia and the National Technology Business Center in Zambia.


 Innovation Enabler

RIIS plays a leading role in helping clients discover innovative ideas, technologies, products and services outside their traditional network.  As an innovation enabler, we aim to act as an open innovation catalyst by connecting clients with the best innovators along with solution providers locally and internationally. We are commited to being an organisational open innovation transformation partner of choice in South Africa and Africa.

Technology Scouting
RIIS’s Technology Scouting service is a structured and systematic process by which we identify advances in science and technology that are valuable for our clients. This enables companies to benefit from potentially disruptive technologies, to stay ahead of competition by constantly operating at the technology edge, and to rapidly identify potential new products – or opportunities for products – in a range of markets. Our Technology Scouting Service is made possible through our broad range of partners, our insight into a number of pre-commercial pipelines, and our broad innovation and entrepreneurial community.
Innovation Consultants

RIIS has extensive experience in a broad range of innovation management advisory services. This comes from our long history of advising companies on both open innovation and the organisational systems and processes needed to ensure that innovation is delivered successfully.