Innovation Through Technology


The history of civilization can be described as a constant interplay between the technologies that surround us, and the ways in which we use that technology. Whether this is something as primal as fire to cook food, or artificial intelligence to decode our thoughts, technology and human culture are opposite sides of the same coin.

Technology drives cultural change – this much is evident recently in the widespread adoption of smartphones; barely ten years since their explosion onto the global stage, and already it is difficult to recall a world without WhatsApp, Google Maps, and the iStore. But so much technology remains hidden, remains obscure – the invisible machinery that powers our world.

This technology, irrespective of how magical it may seem to the layperson, remains central to our ability to influence and engage with the world around us.

RIIS helps to shape these technologies by working with you to understand exactly what these technologies can and should look like through deep introspection of questions of relevance, and by placing people at the centre of the design process.