Innovation Through Partnership


Our view is that every organisation adds value because of a very specific competency – something that no-one else can do. This isn’t a unique or even unusual perspective, but it has important, even fundamental, implications for the way in which an organisation can innovate. The greatest value comes from bringing together previously unconnected ideas – from fundamentally new approaches to problems, that generally do not originate with the same thinking as the current solution.

But to achieve this, you need to work with other people – people who don’t think like you, don’t see the world as you do, don’t have the same constraints as you. This is the underlying principle behind open, collaborative innovation – that just maybe working with others can be a faster, lower risk, and higher efficiency method to solving intractable problems.

Collaborative innovation leads to massively accelerated innovation cycles, dramatically reduced costs associated with problem solving, and significantly improved rates of adoption when combined with human centred design principles.

And that’s what we do – help you find the best people around the world to partner with in solving your most difficult problems.